Hardware Details

Optical Fiber

A large variety of Fiber products such as

  • All Range of Optical Fibers(Ariel/Buried)
  • Splicing fusion machines
  • OTDRs
  • Pigtails
  • Connectors
  • ODF



  • Alcatel New bridges Multiplexers DTU’s 2801/2753E/2751 and all Media Cards range
  • Tellabs CTU-512 / CTU-S / STU-160
  • HDSL Modems V.35 / G.703 /fiber
  • Loop Telecom CPE’s and Multiplexers
  • Lucent Alcatel DSLAMs and XDSLs
  • Siemens SDH and PDH Nodes and Cards

Wireless Bridges/DRS

  • Fast Ethernet / V.35.G.703
  • Wireless native E1/
  • SDH/PDH/STM1,4 wireless bridges

VSAT and IDirect Satellite Equipment

VSAT/IDirect Complete Unit with all types

Cisco, Juniper

All range of Routers / Switches with all types of Networks Solutions


Xtel Solution Vision is

  • To revolutionize the way, the communication technology is perceived.
  • To become an internationally acclaimed company for its excellence.
  • To deliver most viable services and solution to our customer, while meeting the international standards.
  • With the pace of our journey toward our vision, we adhere to our values as close as possible revolutionize the way, the communication technology is perceived.

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WAN services

WAN is widely acknowledged term for the Wide Area Networks that are specified due to the geographic areas they cover and are as wide as a province, city and country joining multiple small networks referred as LAN’s or Local Area Networks and Metropolitan area networks.

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