Hardware Services

Xtel Is pioneer in dealing all kinds of Telecom hardwares and equipments with services and solution and also ensure you best quality and reliability.


Xtel offers you superior and quality products and hardware’s of such Brands as

  1. Alcatel Lucent
  2. Newbridges
  3. Tellabs
  4. ZTE
  5. Tainet
  6. Symbia
  7. Siemens

that Provide you wide range of Telecom solution. these brand offers you reliability, provision and management of your network most effectively. The advanced and sophisticated telecom hardware is equally beneficial for both residential and commercial consumers as it deploys broad band network gateway for residential customers and for carrier IP VPN and Ethernet it acts as multi service edge. The variety and range we offer solutions for small as well as large business units. We are dealing all ranges hardware Such as Multiplexers (SDH/PDH Nodes,DS3,STM1,4,16 Nodes),DSALM ,XDSLs ,DTUs ,NTUs. Media Cards etc


Wireless Bridges

Quite often it is of need to join two or more networks together which are frequently local area networks or parts of local area networks which are separated logically by use of protocols or by physical devices. X Tel provides you a variety of products with certain specifications to address your needs. Some of the hardware details that X tel solution offers you is Wireless Bridges Ethernet Bridges, Fast Ethernet / V.35.G.703 and Wireless native

Satellite/IDirect Equipment

The Complete of VSAT Satellites serves the communication needs of both home and business users.A VSAT end user needs a box that interfaces between the user's computer and an outside antenna with a transceiver . The transceiver receives or sends a signal to a satellite transponder in the sky. The satellite sends and receives signals from an earth station computer that acts as a hub for the system.VSAT offers a number of advantages over terrestrial alternatives. For private applications, companies can have total control of their own communication system without dependence on other companies. Business and home users also get higher speed reception than if using ordinary telephone service or ISDN.

Cisco Products

Xtel offer all kind Network solution and Routers/switches hardware in all ranges. In our diversified portfolio of solutions and equipments X Tel offers you Cisco/juniper routers and switches. Routers are small sophisticated devises and work better in comparison to switches. Offer you firewall services and act as central networking device to which other computers can connect. So, it is of vital concern that it should be a quality product and we at X Tel offer you the best without compromise on quality.


Xtel Solution Vision is

  • To revolutionize the way, the communication technology is perceived.
  • To become an internationally acclaimed company for its excellence.
  • To deliver most viable services and solution to our customer, while meeting the international standards.
  • With the pace of our journey toward our vision, we adhere to our values as close as possible revolutionize the way, the communication technology is perceived.

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WAN services

WAN is widely acknowledged term for the Wide Area Networks that are specified due to the geographic areas they cover and are as wide as a province, city and country joining multiple small networks referred as LAN’s or Local Area Networks and Metropolitan area networks.

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