Wireless Solution

If distance Between two ends in a P2P Link is more than 5 Km up to 100 km, Wireless system is reffered. Spread spectrum radio is a fast and reliable communication technology for short distance communication (50 miles). It can also be used as a last mile option with DXX where copper pair (leased line) is not available.

Radios operate in L – Band, S – Band and C – Band frequencies and could support the data rates up to MBs. Pak Datacom Ltd. also offers Digital Radio System (DRS), HDSL and ISDN based solutions. Efficient and Reliable High Bandwidth up to 100MBPS can be achieved by latest technology OFDM as well as DSSS over Ethernet/FE


Xtel Solution Vision is

  • To revolutionize the way, the communication technology is perceived.
  • To become an internationally acclaimed company for its excellence.
  • To deliver most viable services and solution to our customer, while meeting the international standards.
  • With the pace of our journey toward our vision, we adhere to our values as close as possible revolutionize the way, the communication technology is perceived.

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WAN services

WAN is widely acknowledged term for the Wide Area Networks that are specified due to the geographic areas they cover and are as wide as a province, city and country joining multiple small networks referred as LAN’s or Local Area Networks and Metropolitan area networks.

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